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Capital Maltese
State Nightingale124
Universe Wode States
Featured In Perfect State

This city is named Maltese, though most people just call the State that as well, rather than use its official designation as Nightingale124

— Besk to Kairominas about Maltese[1]

Maltese is the capital city of Nightingale124 and is also used as the name for the State itself. It is a Communal State and is used as a meeting place for Liveborn.


The entire State is set in perpetual night and it often raining, though the natural weather is never more intense than a drizzle.[1] The exception to this is when someone hacks the programming and makes use of something that does not belong in the State, at which point the weather increases in intensity.[2] The State is described as being based on western cultures of early twentieth century Earth.


Much of the technology is from the early twentieth century. Maltese has trains, cars, handguns, and skyscrapers. The State does allow some technology from other eras, with Liveborn capable of keeping any of their personal Boosts, as well as wrist phones.[1]


Maltese, being a Communal State, has no native Liveborn. As such, Liveborn can compete with one another for the local Machineborns' favor, elections being held once every two years. The Liveborn have turned this into somewhat of a game, taking advantage of the non-lethal nature of the handguns as well so that anytime a Liveborn is hit by one of the pellets that the handguns fire, the Machineborn in Maltese cannot see them for two weeks. This "penalty" is detrimental when campaigning for Machineborn favor.[1] Those Liveborn that visit but don't participate are considered wildcards.


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