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Little Herdaz
City Sebarial warcamp
Region The Shattered Plains
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

Word has come in to all the warcamps from Highprince Sebarial. They found something out there, on the Plains. Be ready. Just in case... First that highstorm nobody knew about, then the rains stop early, then the storming king man of Alethkar on my doorstep. Now this. I think we might be abandoning camp, even though nightfall’s around the corner.

Chilinko to Lopen about the potential abandonment of Little Herdaz[1]

Little Herdaz is a district within the Sebarial warcamp on the Shattered Plains on Roshar. Many of the Herdazians in the warcamps live there, among them Lopen's family, including his mother, his uncle and several of his cousins.[2]

The buildings there are mostly hovels. Though nominally, Little Herdaz is under Sebarial's rule, the locals do not consider this particularly important, and police themselves. This self-seclusion is what leads Lopen and Kaladin to hide king Elhokar there following Graves's assassination attempt.[2]

It's uncertain what happened to Little Herdaz following the Battle of Narak. Though Sebarial's warcamp survived the Everstorm without much damage, owning to the protection of the half-ruined dome it'd been built in, most of his people relocated to Urithiru along with their highprince.[3] As shortly after the battle, Chilinko speculated that the district might get an order to move soon, it is possible the people of Little Herdaz are now in Urithiru.[2]


  • The name "Little Herdaz" is likely derived from many similar neighborhoods in real life, such as Little Mexico in Dallas or Little Poland in Greenpoint.


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