Bethab princedom

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Bethab princedom
Alethkar Color.jpg
Ruler Highprince Bethab
Occupied by Singers
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Bethab princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms that form Alethkar.[1] It has no house colors.[2]


It is located in the southwest of Alethkar, and shares boarders with Jah Keved to the west, the Frostlands to the south, the Eastern Crownlands to the east, Sebarial princedom to the north-east, and Hatham princedom to the north. It is the sole princedom with a connection to the Southern Depths, via Mevan Bay.[1]



Bethab princedom was one of the ten princedoms reunited into a single country under Gavilar Kholin. It is unknown whether Highprince Bethab fought for Gavilar or against him during the war for unification.

Dalinar's forces stop in Dumadari on their way to the Shattered Plains after the formation of the Vengeance Pact before sailing on to New Natanan. Dalinar used the voyage as a cover to travel to the Valley and seek the Nightwatcher.[3]

Jasnah Kholin was in residence in Dumadari for an unknown amount of time in 1173. Shallan Davar travelled to the city to meet with the Alethi princess, however, by the time she arrived Jasnah had moved on.[4]


Brightlord Bethab is the current Highprince of this princedom. He has, on several occasions, when negotiating business contracts with the king, included language that would favor him for succession of the throne.[5] Mishinah Bethab, the Highprince's wife, is also highly involved in Alethi politics and will represent his interests on occasion.[6][7]

The Bethab army is made up predominately of mercenary companies.[8]

It is implied that Dumadari is not well protected from raids via Mevan Bay.[9]



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