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Universe Wode States
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The States are a vast collection of simulated worlds in which Liveborn and Machineborn live in. The States are administered by the Wode, though they are hackable by Liveborn who know what they are doing.


States come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Each one has its own setting, technology level, history, etc. Classification of a State can be broken down into Type and Setting.


There are three types of States; Personal, Border, and Communal States. Each one comes with its own features.

Personal States[edit]

Personal States are specifically tailored to an individual Liveborn. They will be the only Liveborn living in the State, with the rest of the population being Machineborn. The State is intended to allow the Liveborn to excel in life, attaining tremendous achievments, and often becoming the single most important being within the State. Liveborn from other Personal States are generally not able to visit.[1]

Personal States often change to keep the Liveborn's life from growing stagnant. An example of such changes is new locations being discovered for the Liveborn to explore. These States are meant to keep the Liveborn happy their entire life.[2]

Border States[edit]

Border States are very small hubs that connect multiple Personal States. These connections are often physical connections, allowing Liveborn and Machineborn to move between them seemlessly. Border States are tailored to bring up conflict between Liveborn. Connecting three Liveborn, the State requires that the Liveborn compete with each other for access to resources and allies. These States are therefore populated with natives whose allegiance would benefit the Liveborn, and resources that are invaluable to the Liveborn. Such a situation fosters competition, and even alliances.[3]

Communal States[edit]

Communal States are large hubs that large groups of Liveborn can visit. Populated mostly with Machineborn, these States have no native leaders, instead allowing Liveborn to compete for the favor of the Machineborn, and a leader is elected every two years. Factions of Liveborn are often formed, and these Factions compete in both politics and games.

Communal States are usually treated as neutral ground, with any real conflict between Liveborn frowned upon. Hacking is also supposed to be impossible in these States, as it would allow Liveborn to injure or kill each other easily. Due to this, Communal States are used for Liveborn to meet up in nonhostile situations, such as when they are called upon to procreate.[4]


There are many different settings that a State can adopt. Examples of such settings include Fantasy State, Emerging Equality State, 20th Century State, Sci-Fi State, etc. The list is likely infinite, with subtle differences being cause for different classifications, such as the further classification from Fantasy State known as Magical Kingdom State[4]. These settings help to decide all of the minor factors of a State, such as the government structure, resources, flora and fauna, geography, technology, etc.

The setting for Personal States is decided upon based on the personality of the individual. If an individual would be happiest in a Fantasy State, then that is what their Personal State's setting is.[1] A border state's setting will include part of the personal states it connects, allowing the magic or technologies to function there. It is unclear what decides the setting for Communal States, though it is likely decided by the Wode.


States often reject things that are not compatible with the Setting or Type. Examples include magic not functioning in a State that has no ties to fantasy, or robots not working in a State that has no ties to futuristic technology. Hacking can be used by Liveborn to reverse this, causing things that would normally be incompatible to become compatible, but trying to drastically alter a State's compatibility alerts the Wode and adversely affects the State.[5]


The States are made to allow relatively easy travel for Liveborn. Machineborn, however, are more restricted. Machineborn must remain in the Personal State they originate from, or any Border States that connect to said Personal State. They cannot travel to Communal States, however, without risking the loss of their personality and history. Machineborn who do travel to Communal States have their programming merged with the Communal State, giving them a new life, memories, and backstory, essentially killing their old self.[4]


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