Dueling Arena

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Dueling Arena
Region The Shattered Plains
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Stormlight Archive

The Dueling Arena is an area in the Shattered Plains.


It is used as the stage for the lighteyes to duel and joust. Ardents often help train the lighteyes. They are the only darkeyes allowed in the arena. This arena is considered far superior to the places where the darkeyes duel, for no other reason that the fact that there are no darkeyes in this particular dueling arena. Kaladin and his crew come by to watch and protect Adolin, but even their appearance is very unusual due to their low rank.


Located in one of the smaller craters behind the main warcamps, it has walls ten feet high with shelves which make a natural amphitheater. The base of the crater has been filled in with sand to make a good surface for dueling.[1] During the Highstorms the water washes the sand and cleans all the sweat and grime from the arena.


Adolin Kholin duels a number of other lighteyed Shardbearers in the arena including Resi[1], etc. Shallan comes by to do sketches of warriors in shardplate. Adolin dueling there and accuses her of coming to watch him while he is dueling. She says that he is not and calls him arrogant for assuming this.


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