Thanadal princedom

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Thanadal princedom
Alethkar Color.jpg
Ruler Highprince Thanadal
Occupied by Singers
Nation Alethkar
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere

Thanadal princedom is one of ten Alethi princedoms that form Alethkar. Their house colors are red & brown.[1][2]


Thanadal princedom is located in central Alethkar, bordered to the north by the Sunmaker Mountains, the south by the Sea of Spears and Sebarial princedom, the west by Hatham princedom, and the east by the Eastern Crownlands. One tributary from the Sea of Spears cuts into the middle of the princedom, while another forms the boarder between the Thanadal princedom and the Eastern Crownlands.[3]



Thanadal princedom was one of the ten princedoms reunited into a single country under Gavilar Kholin. It is unknown whether Highprince Thanadal fought for Gavilar or against him during the war for unification.

Highprince Thanadal elected to stay behind at the warcamps when a majority of the Alethi army relocated to Urithiru, extending the lands under his control.[4][5]


Brightlord Thanadal is the current Highprince of this princedom.

Thanadal princedom has five shards - the blade and plate of the Highprince and three others.[6] It is an long held tradition of this princedom to appoint the Highprince's shards to a warrior known as the Royal Defender. Brightlord Resi currently holds this title.[6]

The Thanadal army includes hired mercenaries.[7]



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