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Feasting basin

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Feasting basin
City Alethi warcamps
Region The Shattered Plains
World Roshar
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Stormlight Archive

The world itself seemed close to ending, and the Alethi threw a party.

— Dalinar [1]

The feasting basin is an area in the Shattered Plains warcamps where king Elhokar Kholin hosts his parties.[2]

Location and Appearance[edit]

The feasting basin is located at the feet of the hill holding the Pinnacle, Elhokar's palace on the Plains. It's open-air, shaped like a shallow bowl with five circular platforms rising up from it, created through Soulcasting.[1] Those platforms are connected to each other by bridges, with railings done in fine scrollwork that has to be stowed away when not in use to protect it from moisture.[2]

For most parties, the basin is flooded by diverting the water from nearby stream, turning it into a small lake, while the platforms become islands.[2] How full the lake is depends on how much water is flowing into the stream at the present, which in turn depends on the weather.[3] On some occassions, numerous infused spheres are thrown into the water to make it glow.[1]

Each island is filled with tables of food and drink for the participants, as well as chairs for people to sit and enjoy them. One of the islands holds a sparring ring for young brightlords who wish to show off their swordsmanship. Elsewhere, there are easels and drawing tools for women to boast their own skills.[2] The king has his own island, on which he entertains his family and guests of honor. There are braziers set up on the sides of every island to keep the participants warm, though after Navani arrives at the Plains, they are replaced with heating fabrials.[3]

As with most Vorin lighteyes ballrooms, four of the basin's islands are segregated by gender -- two for men, two for women. The king's island, by contrast, is free for both, allowing everyone equal access to the king.[1]

The Parties[edit]

The feasting basin is the premier spot for parties for the high-born occupants of the warcamps, giving lighteyes the opportunity to see and interact with the king. They are a chance for people to not only mingle with other members of their social class, but also to play politics, both international and domestic.[3] Usually, most, if not all highprinces can be found attending the feasts.[1] For younger lighteyes, the feasts are a chance to show off their fashion and catch up on rumours. Sometimes, quick duels are fought in the sparring ring to defend one's honor from this or that.[2] The parties are also a chance to see what the general mood of the Alethi high society is, as well as a chance to have some good food, as while most of the camps eat Soulcast meat and grain, the dishes at the feasts are always heavily spiced. The King's Wit has taken to sitting by the entrance to one of the islands and insult everyone who comes in.[2]

As the basin lacks a roof, where the party is held depends on the predictions of stormwardens. Should they predict a highstorm, or rain, the feast is moved inside the Pinnacle.[2]

Early on, there are no guards on the islands; however, as the tensions between the highprinces begin to rise and the fear of the Assassin in White spreads, more and more brightlords bring bodyguards with them. After the party, they are sometimes allowed to have the remaining food for themselves.[1]

After the True Desolation begins, the feasting basin is no longer in use, as most Alethi, including the king, abandon the warcamps for Urithiru.[4]


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