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Died killed by Reckoners[1]
Abilities Epic
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Firefight
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Georgi was an Epic and former street thug from Orlando also known as Waterlog.[1] He is the Epic from whose powers the spyril is derived.


Regalia claims to have turned him into an Epic,[1] although it is later revealed that the powers are actually granted by Calamity.[2]

At some point, Waterlog is killed by the Reckoners and his cells are used to create a motivator.[1]


The Knighthawk Foundry uses Waterlog's motivator to create the epic-based technology known as the spyril.[3] The spyril consists of a circular device worn on the user's back, along with some canisters strapped to the calves, two specialized gloves, and various connections between the pieces.[4]

The spyril works by teleporting water into itself using what Mizzy calls a "streambeam"; it then shoots the water out forcefully to function like a jet pack, propelling the user with great speed.[5] It is difficult to master and can be quite dangerous.[4] The device cannot generate water and is best used near a large body of water, such as in Babilar.[5]

Sam was the first to use the spyril effectively.[3] After Sam is killed by Firefight, the motivator goes missing from the device.[3] Megan later gives the motivator to David,[6] but he lies about this to the rest of the team.[4] David becomes very skilled with the spyril and uses it extensively when the Reckoners battle Regalia.[7] Regalia notes that David is naturally skilled at using the spyril[1] and suggests that he might have similar powers if he became an Epic.[8]


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