Missouri Williams

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Missouri Williams
Mizzy by Cerena Felt.jpg
Born ~17 years before Steelheart[1]
Aliases Mizzy
Groups Reckoners
Residence Babilar
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners
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Missouri Williams, known as Mizzy, is a member of the Reckoners.

She is based with Valentine and Exel in Babilar.[1] She is dark-skinned and slight of build, and wears her hair back in a way that David describes as an Afro mushroom cloud.[2] Mizzy has a bubbly and optimistic view on life, and is very trusting, but still desperately wants to kill Megan, who had previously killed Sam, Mizzy's mentor.[3] However, David helps her focus this thirst for vengeance towards Calamity, the true source of the problem.[4] Mizzy is the sniper for her team, and has experience with explosives, equipment, and repairs, but wants to be point.[1][5] It is stated by Megan and David that after Calamity is defeated, Mizzy becomes an Epic, although they are not certain how she will take to being one.[6]


As Mizzy scuttled toward us, she tried to duck under the front of a half-assembled jeep that was up on risers. However, the rifle over her shoulder stuck up too high, and it clanged against the front of the jeep, pushing her backward. She gasped, grabbing the jeep as if to steady it--though it hadn't budged. Then she patted it as if in apology.

She was maybe seventeen years old or so, and had a cute face with round features and creamy brown skin. She smiles too wide to be a refugee, I thought as she ran over and saluted Prof. Where has she been living that hasn't beaten that bubbly nature out of her? I wondered.


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