Rian Strobe

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Rian Strobe
Ethnicity Noble
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Lord Rian Strobe is a Noble in Luthadel.[1]

At the Venture Ball he wore a green vest underneath a long dark suit coat. Rian is familiar with court etiquette, polite, and is confident enough to be the first person to approach a newcomer at a Luthadel ball.[1]

He was the first suitor who approached Valette Renoux at Keep Venture and ask her to dance during her first ball. It is likely that he had been watching Vin while she ate, as he approached her soon after she finished her meal and addressed her by name. Vin declined his request to dance, expressing nervousness at attending her first ball, which Rian politely accepted before departing. As would have been expected within noble society, Vin's rebuff would not be treated like an outright refusal, and instead a postponement of the request, and it is likely that Vin danced with Rian at the next ball in which they were both in attendance.[1]


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