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Abilities Leecher
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Macil is a chromium Misting (aka a Leecher) and one of the women captured by the Set on Scadrial.[1]


Macil was kidnapped by the Vanishers and delivered to the Set to be a part of the Community. The Set told her that she had been chosen by random lottery to be saved from a catastrophic ashmount eruption.[2]

After Armal Rioted Gave Entrone shame. Macil Leeched his Allomantic reserves so that Armal may tie him up.[1] Marasi and the Allomancers of Wayfarer drained the perpendicularity just before Autonomy's forces could enter Scadrial through it.[3] After resting, Marasi led Macil and the other Allomancers out of the caverns and into Bilming.[4]


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