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Profession Soldier
Groups Straff Venture's army
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Well of Ascension

Grent is a soldier and guard in the army of Straff Venture after the Collapse on Scadrial.[1]


He was posted as a door guard outside of Straff's tent in the Venture camp outside of Luthadel. He assisted Straff by fetching Amaranta when Straff believed himself to be poisoned.[1] He was also present when Straff woke up, and gave him updates on the recent actions of Lord Janarle and the state of the koloss army.[2] Grent was shocked when Straff told him that he planned to retreat rather than attack the supposedly weakened city of Luthadel; Grent was unaware of Zane's betrayal.[2]


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