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Dominance Western Dominance
Nation Final Empire
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn: The Final Empire

I am the Lady Valette Renoux, fourth cousin to Lord Teven Renoux, who owns this mansion. My parents--Lord Hadren and Lady Fellette Renoux--live in Chakath, a city in the Western Dominance. Major export, wool.

Vin about her false identity as Valette.[1]

Chakath is a city in the Western Dominance of the Final Empire on Scadrial.[1] Its major export is wool.

In Vin's assumed identity of Valette Renoux, she claims to be from Chakath. Valette's family work in trading dyes. One such dye, blushdip red, is made from snails that were common in Chakath.


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