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Profession Accountant
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Lost Metal

Mister Call is an accountant at Call and Son and Daughters Accounting and Estate in Elendel on Scadrial.[1][2] He is presumably either the founder or the "Son" in the eponymous name of his accounting firm. He is assigned to Wayne's account as a wealth manager.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is relatively short, and he usually wears a bowler hat and a suit with a vest.[3] He wears spectacles, likely for reading. He has a professional air, and Wayne pejoratively refers to him as "Short Boring Guy". He is dating someone.[1]


In 348 PC, Call and his colleague Garisel Daring were the managers of Wayne's finances. However, Wayne found them boring and hated talking about money, so he would constantly try to avoid them. The accountants repeatedly asked Reddi where to find Wayne; Reddi assumed they were trying to collect on a debt.[4] In fact, Wayne had secretly amassed a fortune of over twenty million boxings in cash equivalents and another one hundred million in equity. He had made a series of successful investments in the technology and housing sectors, using aluminum as collateral.[2] The accounting firm also kept Wayne's stock of bendalloy at their office.[1]

Call and Garisel eventually tracked Wayne down and tried to get him to diversify his portfolio to mitigate risk.[1][3] They persuaded Wayne to come to their office and "traded" him a hat and glasses to get him to review his ledgers. Wayne came up with the idea of starting a professional noseball league in Elendel and Call noted that it would be expensive to build arenas in each octant. Call also showed him a new convertible from a carmaker named Victori, and unsubtly convinced Wayne to invest in the company. Wayne also asked Call to set up payments to Allriandre, as he had realized that delivering money to her in person helped him more than it helped her.[3] Wayne generally refused to discuss other aspects of his portfolio except for a few special requests.[1]

After Wayne's death, Call and Garisel became the executors of his estate. They met with Allriandre, who was the primary beneficiary of his will.[2] They also met with Jaxy to give her funding to renovate Ranette's shop.[5] They presumably gave Marasi Wayne's lucky hat, and they were likely involved in setting up a long-running series of joke items that Wayne "bequeathed" to Wax.[6]


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