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Call and Son and Daughters
Accounting and Estate
Services Accounting, wealth management, estate planning
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Call and Son and Daughters Accounting and Estate is an accounting firm in Elendel on Scadrial. It was presumably founded by Mister Call or someone in his family.[1] There is likely some sort of secure vault at the firm's main office, as they can store large amounts of precious metals such as bendalloy at the facility.[1]

Wayne reluctantly hired Call and Son and Daughters to manage his finances after making a series of successful investments, sometimes using aluminum as collateral. He was an early investor in Tarcsel Electric and invested heavily in industrialization as well an affordable housing project. Mister Call and Garisel Daring were the primary managers of his account, and often had to interpret his ideas to create actual business plans.[1]

Wayne did not want to be rich and he hated talking about money; he usually avoided the well-intentioned Call and Daring any time they tried to reach him. He did not care about diversifying his portfolio, and some of his ideas were even intentionally bad. However, under the firm's guidance his investments repeatedly succeeded, further growing his wealth; after six years, his net worth was around one hundred and twenty million boxings.[1][2] The firm also executed Wayne's estate after his death.[2][3]


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