Koloss blades

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Koloss blades
by Ben McSweeney
Type Weapons
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 1

Koloss blades are large swords created for the koloss.


These swords are large, usually ranging from 5 feet to 10 feet, similar to the height of the koloss themselves. They are wedge-shaped, not particularly well-made, and can be quite blunt since the koloss don't sharpen them.


These swords are given to the koloss by whoever controls or creates the band. They are useful in controlling koloss populations, because the amount of swords should be about the same as the number of koloss themselves. If there are fewer swords than koloss, the koloss will kill each other for the swords. If there are more swords, the koloss will expect the people who control them to make more koloss. During the Siege of Luthadel, Vin wields a koloss blade, using it to kill Straff Venture.[1]


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