Elizandra Dramali

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Elizandra Dramali
Species Koloss
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Elizandra Dramali is the Koloss-blooded girlfriend of Allomancer Jak.[1]


She is slim, has long hair, and wears glasses and bracelets. Jak himself describes her as being extremely beautiful, but it is uncertain whether this is an example of Jak's hyperbole. Her skin has a slightly blueish tinge due to her Koloss ancestry, but she covers this with makeup and gloves.[1] It is unknown if she hid her heritage from everyone or only Jak.[fn 1]


She is described in Jak's books as being very gentle and loving. However, she has a harsher side as well. Handerwym claims that "any statement that lacks three curses — and a comment about Jak's questionable parentage — cannot truly be attributed to her." She also threatened to shoot Jak in the crotch if he did not include a certain line of hers in his book. Despite her strong words, she is very fond of Jak, much to Handerwym's confusion.


The reveal of her koloss blooded heritage in the penultimate episode of the Pits of Eltania almost caused riots in the street of Elendel. A special broadsheet containing the finale was released the next day as a result.[1]


  1. It is of note that Handerwym never makes comment on Jak's reaction to learning her heritage. It is unclear from his annotations if was aware of her heritage beforehand or not.
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