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Related to Unsealed metalminds
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

An Excisor is a tool used by Southern Scadrians to make Feruchemical medallions.[1]

Excisors are said to have been created by the Sovereign, who gifted the devices to the Southern Scadrians. A metalborn uses the Excisor as part of an unknown process to create a medallion.[1]

According to Allik, the Sovereign originally trained individuals known as Firemothers and Firefathers in the use of Excisors to create medallions that functioned as brassminds, providing the heat necessary for survival after the Ice Death. The Southern Scadrians then started experimenting with the devices, gaining the ability to create medallions with other Feruchemical powers. After many years, they also determined a method to create medallions with multiple powers. Allik has medallions with two powers, but states that examples with three powers are very rare and all attempts at incorporating four powers have failed.[1]


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