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True Madil
Region The Roughs
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

True Madil is a city in the Northern Roughs of Scadrial.[1]


It is situated at the confluence of two rivers that flow into the Basin. It is served by the only railway that extends into the Northern Roughs. The nearest city in the Basin is Drypost, around 125 miles to the south.[1]


Circa 342 PC, True Madil was the largest city in the Northern Roughs.[2]

Miles Dagouter served as the lawman of True Madil for around fifteen years.[3] Under Miles's leadership, law enforcement in the town maintained an alliance with Weathering and Far Dorest.[3] Miles carried a lighter inscribed with the seal of the lawmen of True Madil on his person.[3] He kept using the lighter during his time as leader of the Vanishers, even though it made the other members of the gang uncomfortable.[3]

True Madil had a very secure prison.[2] After Waxillium Ladrian apprehended the criminal Ape Manton, he imprisoned him in the jail there.[2]


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