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Ape Manton
Ape Manton Symbol.PNG
Residence The Roughs
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

He wouldn't take the hand of a Metalborn trying to save him from slipping to his death.

Ape Manton is a criminal which High Lord Waxillium Ladrian pursued during his time as a lawman in the Roughs of Scadrial.[2] Both a thief and an Allomancer hunter, the Ape was a dangerous foe that nearly got the better of Wax.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Nothing is known about Ape Manton's physical appearance. However, Manton makes use of a jagged reversed mah, the Steel alphabet character for gold, as his symbol.[4] Typically, the symbol is painted in red, and may indicate where the Ape has recently committed a crime.

However, the Ape's personality is better known. His dominant personality trait is a hatred for Allomancers.[1] The origin of this hatred is unknown. Ape would not take the aid of an Allomancer for any reason, not even to save his own life. This allows Wax to dismiss the possibility that the Ape is in collusion with the Set; he would never work with a group attempting to breed Allomancers. It is currently unknown if the Ape also extends his hatred to Feruchemists.


The Ape lived as a criminal in the Roughs, possibly near Weathering, at some point during his past. He spent his time hunting down Allomancers.[1] At some point, he crossed paths with Waxillium Ladrian, serving as a lawman.[3] During this case, Manton painted a stagecoach with his symbol, a reverse mah. Wax was captured during this investigation and tortured by the Ape for several nights. Wax somehow managed to escape and capture Manton. Manton was locked up securely in the jail at True Madil. Despite his victory, the torture took its toll on Waxillium and his memories of it would remain clear and painful for years. This account of Wax's police work was among those sent to Elendel recorded, where it was read by Lady Marasi Colms.

Years later, Lady Steris Harms compiled biographies of many of Wax's old enemies, including the Ape, in order to prepare for their wedding.[2] She hoped to invite one of them to the wedding ceremony so that she could plan for a disturbance.

Around six months later, Edwarn Ladrian used Wax's history with Ape Manton to try to distract Wax from his search for his sister, Telsin.[5] The Set blamed the explosion they set to injure ReLuur on Ape Manton.[6] Edwarn also had his agents rob Farthing Mansion in New Seran, stealing some valuables and painting the Ape's symbol on the wall of the mansion. The theft was reported in the broadsheet The New Ascendancy.[7] When Wax and his allies arrived in the city, Edwarn's plan almost succeeded.[1] Wax saw the symbol in the paper and hurried to Farthing Mansion with Marasi, but decided to focus his investigations on the Set and his uncle. Later, while eavesdropping on a conversation between Edwarn and Lady Kelesina Shores, Wax realized that the Set had been attempting to distract him and came to believe that the Ape had never been in New Seran.[5]


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