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Tobal Copper
Born 295 PC[1]
Profession Chemist
Residence Bilming
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2
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Tobal Copper is a chemist at Basin Tires in Bilming on Scadrial.[1] He and Maraga Dulcet work together to uncover the Set's actions during the time when the group is trying to prove Scadrial's worth to Autonomy.[2]


In 343 PC, Tobal was fired from his job at Basin Tires. Sometime after forming a lawsuit against the company that was subsequently dismissed, he tried to raise awareness by creating pamphlets and by going door to door at his apartment complex; however, he was only arrested.[1] The following year he decided to go to the editor of the Sentinel of Truth and tell her about his former employer's schemes. Because Maraga didn't believe him at first, Tobal began stealing evidence to show her. By the year 348 PC, Maraga and Tobal were meeting nightly in the basement of the offices for the Sentinel of Truth, piecing together evidence of the Set's actions.[2]


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