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Tobal Copper
Born 295 PC[1]
Died Shot by the Set in 348 PC[2]
Profession Chemist
Residence Bilming
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

They fired me because I got too close to the truth. You have to listen. They're splitting harmonium, and once they do, they’ll make bombs to turn us into turtles.

—Tobal Copper[1]

Tobal Copper is a chemist at Basin Tires in Bilming on Scadrial.[1] He and Maraga Dulcet work together to uncover the Set's actions during the time when the group is trying to prove Scadrial's worth to Autonomy.[3]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Tobal is bald and wears a leather cap.[2][4] He tends to jump to conclusions, makes some outlandish claims, and comes across as a crackpot to some people.[1][3] He is a good scientist, but because of his eccentricity, people refuse to take his claims seriously.[2] However, overall he is a good man and is not cowed by having the Set after him, but simply determined to share what he knows.[2][4]


Tobal worked at Basin Tires first as a chemist specializing in rubber, and then researching chemical propellants to help design a rocket until he was fired from his job for "erratic behavior" around the year 343 PC.[1][3] He formed a lawsuit against the company that was subsequently dismissed, and around the same time he tried to raise awareness of his employer's deeds by creating pamphlets and going door to door at his apartment complex. He was arrested for disturbing the peace at the apartments, taken back to the local police station, and then released after he calmed down.[1] The following year, he decided to go to the editor of the Sentinel of Truth and tell her about his former employer's schemes. Because Maraga didn't believe him at first, Tobal began stealing evidence to show her. By 348 PC, Maraga and Tobal were meeting nightly in the basement of the offices for the Sentinel of Truth, piecing together evidence of the Set's actions.[3] Tobal warned Maraga that one evening he simply wouldn't show up to their meeting, a prediction which came to pass when the Set showed up at his apartment and killed him.[2][3]

About two weeks after Tobal's disappearance, Marsh heard of it and informed Marasi, Wax, and Wayne.[5] They followed up on the lead, which resulted in their confrontation with Maraga Dulcet in which they put together the true nature of the Set's plans.[1]


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