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Maraga Dulcet
Profession Editor-in-chief
Residence Bilming
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Lost Metal

Wax: "Lies, you mean. You print lies. "
Maraga: "We prefer 'whimsical what-ifs.' Intriguing stories that would be fascinating if they were true. "
Wax: "So... lies. "

Wax and Maraga[1]

Maraga Dulcet is the editor-in-chief of the Sentinel of Truth broadsheet in Bilming on Scadrial.[2] She and Tobal Copper uncover the truth about the Set's actions during the time when the group is trying to prove Scadrial's worth to Autonomy.[1]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Maraga is a short woman with a husky voice and greying frizzy black hair. After the death of Tobal Copper, extreme worry causes her to lose weight, giving her a distressed look with bags under her eyes. She dresses in rumpled clothes, without taking much care for her appearance.[2]

She is excited to meet Wax because of his supposed friendship with Jak, and she is not overawed to be found in his presence.[2] She loves larger-than-life tales and is eager to print sensational stories that other papers pass over.[1]


This... was a story. A real story. Not a whimsical tale about bug men or the dangers of electricity. This... this could get people killed.


Maraga completed her journeymanship in the news business at the Times in Bilming, and at some later date she became the editor-in-chief of the Sentinel of Truth. Around 344 PC, Tobal Copper approached Maraga with claims that his employers were building a bomb. Though she was skeptical at first, Tobal began to bring her more and more evidence until she was convinced he was telling the truth. By 348 PC, Tobal and Maraga met nightly in the basement of the offices for the Sentinel of Truth. Together, they pieced together evidence of the Set's work in creating underground bunkers, a rocket, and high powered bombs. They recorded their findings by scratching them into metal sheets. Tobal told Maraga that he suspected one night he simply wouldn't show up to their daily conversations; when that day came, Maraga became paranoid and hid out in the office building. Two weeks later, Waxillium, Wayne, Marasi, and Moonlight found the address to the office in Tobal's rooms and confronted Maraga. She showed the group all of the evidence collected in the basement.[1]

When their meeting was interrupted by Telsin's arrival, Wax advised Maraga to flee to the countryside to live with family there. However, as she didn't have any family in the countryside, Marasi arranged with Moonlight for Maraga to seek asylum with the Ghostbloods at their location in the Knightbridge district of Bilming.[3]


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