The Two Seasons

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The Two Seasons
The Two Seasons header.jpg
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In The Lost Metal

The Two Seasons is a broadsheet published in Bilming.

The front page of volume 32, issue 247, published on Marewill 19, 348 is used as the interior art for The Lost Metal.

It contains a serialised story about Nicki Savage, Paranatural Detective called The Compass of Spirits Part Eight. Flight of the Ornisaur.


  • Elendel Supremacy Bill Threatens Basin Unity
  • Tunnel Tremors Stop... For Now
  • Beloved Editor Still Missing
  • Allomancer Jak Settles with Sidekick


  • Add for Sparkle Tonic
  • 'The Man who Electrified Time!' a novel by Schrib Welfor
  • Public appeal to ban Noseball
  • Someone asking for Soonie pups to be renamed.
  • Someone seeking to employ a Slider for a cafe.
  • Food Delivery service available by Steel Kitchens
  • Tourism to the site of the Bands of Mourning
  • Spring Salon
  • Choc o Tonic
  • Advertisement for any Malwish coins to be handed over to N&N for financial aware.


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