Field of Rebirth

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Field of Rebirth
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Featured In The Alloy of Law
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The Field of Rebirth us the site at which the survivors emerged after the reshaping of Scadrial following the ascension of Harmony. It is also the last resting place of Vin and Elend Venture.

The field is covered with Marewill flowers all year round thanks to a hot spring underneath. The tomb is capped by statues of the "Last Emperor" and the "Ascendant Warrior", Elend and Vin respectively.[1].

At the time of Waxillium and Wayne the field is at the center of Elendel forming the hub for the system of canals radiating out of the city. It is also the point through which Scadrial's prime meridian passes, as measured by the Canton of Cartography.[2]


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