Feder Tower

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Feder Tower
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Feder Tower is a skyscraper in Elendel.[1]


When the rogue kandra Bleeder was instigating rebellion in the city of Elendel, she makes mention to High Lord Waxillium Ladrian that she has not yet killed his father while speaking to him through his Hemalurgic spike.[2] As Waxillium's own father had been dead for years, he was concerned about the safety of his fiancée's father, Lord Jackstom Harms.[3]

Using his skills as a Coinshot, Wax hurried to Lord Harms' home to check on him.[4] Upon finding Harms safe, and having ascertained that Bleeder had not replaced him, Wax decided to hide Lord Harms somewhere. Wax feared that Bleeder would be able to predict his decision, so Wax randomly chose a location to hide Harms. This hiding place ended up being Feder Tower. Wax placed Lord Harms on the roof, and told him to lie low in the dark and stay quiet.



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