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Investiture. The essence of the gods.

Investiture, along with matter and energy, is one of the three essences that make up the cosmere. Investiture can be considered a kind of spiritual energy. While everything in the cosmere has an Invested component in the Spiritual Realm, known as a spiritweb, that Investiture is usually inaccessible. Magic systems provide the most common access to Investiture, which allows people to commit incredible feats using the power.[1]


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Overview section

  • Transcends three realms
  • Can't be destroyed, only redistributed
  • Drawn to sapience

Realmatic Interactions[edit]

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  • Most Investiture is in Spiritual, with the exception of Sel
  • Solid (metallic)/liquid gaseous forms of Investiture in physical realm
  • Perpendicularities
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Physical matter is known to have a counterpart called antimatter - matter composed of antiparticles that share many properties with the particles of ordinary matter, but manifest some of them in an opposite way (e.g. a proton and an antiproton have the same mass, but opposite electric charges and magnetic moments). The Fused scholar Raboniel describes this in terms of axi with opposite polarities.[2] A similar relationship exists between Investiture and anti-Investiture in the cosmere. When Investiture combines with its corresponding anti-Investiture, they are both annihilated, resulting in the release of a large amount of energy.[2] The reaction seems to be more violent when the two are brought together under pressure.[2]

The only known forms of anti-Investiture are anti-Stormlight and anti-Voidlight. It is unknown whether hybrid Lights and Shards outside of the Rosharan system have anti-Investitures of their own. Khriss notes that the existence of anti-Investiture has been theorized for some time, but that the anti-Lights developed by Navani Kholin and Raboniel are her first evidence that it actually exists.[3]


Invested Arts[edit]

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Invested Art World Shard Books
Allomancy Scadrial Preservation Mistborn
Feruchemy Scadrial Preservation, Ruin Mistborn
Hemalurgy Scadrial Ruin Mistborn
Awakening Nalthis Endowment Warbreaker
AonDor Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris
Dakhor Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris
ChayShan Sel Devotion, Dominion Elantris
Forgery Sel Devotion, Dominion The Emperor's Soul
Bloodsealing Sel Devotion, Dominion The Emperor's Soul
Surgebinding Roshar Honor, Cultivation The Stormlight Archive
Voidbinding Roshar Odium The Stormlight Archive
Old Magic Roshar Cultivation The Stormlight Archive
Sand mastery Taldain Autonomy White Sand
Microkinesis Yolen Unknown Dragonsteel
Lightweaving Yolen Unknown Dragonsteel
Aether Unknown Unknown Unknown

Mechanical Access[edit]

Natural Manifestations[edit]

  • How plants and animals have evolved to access Invesiture. Aviar, Larkin Rosharan flora and fauna.

It is possible for a natural force to become Invested. On Roshar, Zahel states that the highstorms are Invested.[4] The Stormfather also states that during a highstorm, Honor’s power is concentrated in the storm as it moves across the land, temporarily joining all three Realms.[5]


  • Invested objects must be created by an outside source, so their creation is a use
  • Kinetic Investiture (Invesiture in use)
  • Can detect the various uses via burning bronze and tracking fabrials

Kinetic Investiture[edit]

Investiture currently in active use is known as Kinetic Investiture.[6] Many of the Invested Arts naturally have the ability to detect Kinetic Investiture built into them.[7] The methods currently known to do this are sand covered in microbes from Taldain and Allomantic bronze. Faded sand from Dayside turns white when Kinetic Investiture is near, allowing the person holding it to see who is using Investiture.[8] Bronze Allomancy can theoretically detect all types of Kinetic Investiture, but some are much harder to detect than others.[9] In the case of Feruchemy, the power is much more difficult to detect because the Feruchemist is only using internal Investiture while Allomancy draws from an external source.[10] Lightweaving is quieter and harder to detect than Lashings or fabrials. It is not known if the reason why is similar to Feruchemy. Different powers on and within different planets have different pulses or wavelengths.[11] An experienced Seeker can distinguish between those powers.[7] As a fabrial could potentially be created to detect emotional Allomancy, fabrials may be one of the ways to detect Kinetic Investiture.[12]

Invested Objects[edit]

Objects are not Invested in their original state. They can become Invested by a Shard or by a human having met the above-mentioned requirements. An Invested object gains magical properties. The more Invested an object is, the more power it has. Examples for Invested objects include:

Invested objects are harder to affect with any magic system, the more Investiture the more difficult to affect.[13][14] Once an object has been Invested it is very hard to Invest it with a different kind of Investiture as well.[15] Sometimes when an object in one of the Realms has a large amount of Investiture it can gain sentience (see, for example, spren and Nightblood).


Many magic systems in the cosmere are able to heal a person from damage. This includes physical wounds[16] or sprains,[17] and can even heal fatal damage.[18][19] Limbs and body parts can be regrown as well.[20] Healing can also be used to recover from poisoning,[21] sickness such as a cold or cancer,[22] chronic diseases, such as poor eyesight,[23][24] tiredness,[25] and even damage to the soul.[26] Constantly healing from wounds can leave the user invulnerable to pain.[27] Most forms of extreme healing don't care much about what is done to the physical body, as long as the person's spiritual template is in power at the time.[28] Some magic systems are better at healing than others.[29]

Memories can be restored via healing, as they are stored with the Cognitive version of a person.[30][31]

Healing the soul[edit]

When healing the soul, such as a missing piece cut off from a Shardblade, a new patch of soul will be created.[32][33] Healing wounds to the soul is much more Spiritual Realm based.[34] If a magic is strong enough to heal from pieces of a body, it will try to heal from the biggest piece.[35] If the body was perfectly cut in half, a random half would be chosen to heal from. Not every magic system is capable of healing soul wounds.[34] If the soul leaves the body and is then healed, the soul will not return and the physical body will be the only thing healed, leaving the person dead.[36][37][38] If a soul is healed but not reattached properly, the person will leave a glowing afterimage when they move,[39] though it is only visible to those who are highly Invested or connected to the Cognitive Realm.[40]


While a number of things can be healed, there are certain limitations. Disorders like depression that are a part of a person's personality will not be cured.[41][42] Electrical stimulation of muscles, such as being electrocuted, will not be healed as it's not doing any harm and it's how muscles normally work.[43] Aging and certain genetic diseases can also not be healed.[44]

Many, if not all, magical healing processes are stopped by aluminum. If aluminum is in the wound, it makes it impossible for wounds to heal around the aluminum until it is removed from the body.[45]

Perception of oneself[edit]

Healing works by using the three versions of the user's self; their Physical, Cognitive, and Spiritual version.[46] Healing typically heals the Physical version by matching it to their ideal Spiritual version, which is filtered through the lens of their minds (Cognitive version). Almost all forms of healing in the cosmere are filtered through the perception of the user.[47][36] This applies to both internal and external forms of healing. When someone is healing someone else, both of their perceptions matter.[48] If a person hasn't accepted a wound as a part of themselves, they can still heal it regardless of how long they've had it.[49] However, even if a wound is recent, if the person has changed their mindset to see it as a part of themselves, they will not be able to heal from it.[50][51] Perception can also have users change their body to match their identity, such as a transgender person changing their biological sex,[52] or a human changing into a singer.[53] There are a few magic systems that are an exception to this rule.[54]

Highly Invested individuals can shift their Spiritual self to more closely match their Cognitive self, making self-perception more important in the process. This allows for the healing of old wounds if the person doesn't view them as being part of themself, something that is impossible with less Invested individuals.[55]


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