Wax's earring

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Wax's earring
Owner Waxillium Ladrian
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Wax's earring is a Hemalurgically charged Pathian earring, created from the melted down spikes of a Steel Inquisitor.[1] While the earring is simple, the head is stamped with a symbol of the Path; ten interlocking rings.

It allows Harmony to communicate with Wax, speaking through Ruin and hearing Wax's thoughts through Preservation. Although the earring is made from a hemalurgic spike, it has very little charge and grants practically no abilities.[1]

Wax has the earring reforged into a bullet, allowing him to shoot Bleeder with it and deliver a second spike into her body. This allows Harmony to take direct action against her.[2]

It was given to him by the kandra MeLaan.[3]


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