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Stefan Sauvage
Children Nicelle Sauvage
Died c. 342 PC[1]
Titles His Lordship
Residence New Seran
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Stefan Sauvage is a Scadrian nobleman and the father of Nicelle Sauvage.[2][1]


In 336 PC, Lord Sauvage commissioned a large tapestry map of New Seran.[2] He included a secret pocket in the map that contained a letter to his daughter Nicelle (also known as Nicki Savage). The letter supposedly included information that Stefan had learned about lost metal beings created by the Lord Ruler that he called kalkis. By 342 PC, he had presumably died, as Nicelle referred to the map as her inheritance.[1]

Nazh stole the map from Nicelle, but after a brief struggle that tore the map in two, she was able to get back the piece that had the hidden pocket. Nazh escaped with the "better" part of the map.[1] Nicelle was known to embellish her stories,[3] but Nazh did in fact annotate a ripped map of New Seran.[2] The details of Stefan's letter remain unknown, and it is not clear if Nazh was aware of it.


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