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Groups Set
Residence Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Franis is a gang member on Scadrial. He is part of a gang that works for Granks, a Hemalurgist officer in the Set.[1] Although Franis's gang was employed by the Set, they were "hired muscle" and probably not actual members of the organization.[2]

Appearance and Personality[edit]

He is in his early thirties and looks somewhat similar to Wayne, but he has sunken eyes and looks more weathered due to his hard lifestyle. His hair color differs from Wayne's, his chin is more square, and he usually has a squinting expression. He wears a worn wool "gangster" cap and has a distinct swagger in his movements. He has the accent of a dockworker and speaks with a "sniveling" quality that is common among his fellow gang members.[3]

Franis presumably lives in Elendel, as does his sister. He is relatively close to his father.[3]

According to Wayne, he was a former dockworker who joined the gang in order to make more money with an easier schedule; he didn't really want to commit any crimes. The veracity of Wayne's information is unclear. Franis did sometimes question the actions of Set leadership. He seems to be friendly with Embrier.[3]


In 348 PC, Franis's gang committed various crimes in Elendel at the direction of the Set, including theft, shakedowns, and murder.[4] Franis was one of the thugs that were apprehended by Wayne and Marasi when they raided the Set hideout in the tunnels under the city. Wayne tied the group up with shoelaces.[5]

While Franis was in custody, Wayne identified him as a target for impersonation due to his similar age and build. He talked to Franis and learned a few things about him, and also took his hat. He later used these tools (along with a wig and makeup) to perform a near-perfect imitation of Franis while further investigating the Set, even fooling several people that personally knew Franis. VenDell noted that his imitation skills were on par with a kandra.[3]


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