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Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

Elmsdel is one of the outer cities in the southeastern portion of the Elendel Basin on Scadrial.[1] It is northwest of Garmet, not far from the Seran Range.

Steris mentions that travel between Elmsdel and Rashekin (a city in the northeastern Basin) requires passage through Elendel; there are no rail lines that bypass the capital. This leads to commerce between the outer cities being subjected to Elendel's taxes twice; once for the rail taxes and then again for entering Elendel. She argues that this is a reason for the discontentment of the rest of the Basin.[2]

Waxillium and Steris are married in the penthouse apartment of someone who has moved to Elmsdel for a long vacation.[3]


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