Counselor's Cup

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Counselor's Cup
Usage Pub
City Elendel
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Shadows of Self

The Counselor's Cup is a pub in Elendel located on Edden Way.

Appearance & Staff[edit]

It sits on the corner of an intersection and is surrounded by taller tenancy buildings.[1] The bouncer is presumably a kolossblood. The bar had a picture of Ladrian hung behind it. It was lit by gas lamps.


During a firefight, Wax told MeLaan to escape and meet up at the Conselor's Cup.[2] He gets sidetracked and sends Wayne in his place.[3] When Wayne arrives he helps calm down the tension by mixing cocktails for the other patrons. MeLaan is impressed by this and they drink together.[1] When Wax and Marasi arrive, they're having a belching competition. They discuss Paalm's skills and abilities. Before leaving Wax checks that the tab is paid and is surprised that Wayne had already settled it.


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