Mrs. Hutchen

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Mrs. Hutchen
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

...from what Wax gathered, this town was small enough that his "big cases" usually were on the order of who had been stealing Mrs. Hutchen's milk off her doorstep.

—Wax's thoughts about Matieu[1]

Mrs. Hutchen is a possible resident of Ironstand on Scadrial, or a placeholder name in a figure of speech used by Wax.[1]

Wax thought Captain Matieu of the Ironstand constabulary was more used to dealing with someone stealing Mrs. Hutchen's milk than train robberies.[1] However, Wax is not known to have spent time in Ironstand, and it is likely that he was simply citing a common surname on Scadrial while making a sarcastic observance.


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