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Profession Constable
Residence Ironstand
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
First Appeared The Bands of Mourning
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Matieu is captain of the constables in Ironstand on Scadrial. He is tall and lanky, has a ready smile, and is somewhat in awe of Waxillium Ladrian.[1]

After the Nightstreet Gang attacked a train near Ironstand in 342 PC, Matieu and his constables took the remaining bandits into custody. Matieu instructed his constables to give Wax some space, then inquired if any of the servants besides Drewton would be needing emotional support. As Wax searched the train for Wayne and MeLaan, Matieu followed him and gave him details on the gang. He planned on chasing the criminals, whom he expected to be making for the Roughs, and asked Waxillium to join the posse. Getting no certain answer from Wax, he saluted and retreated.[1]


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