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Profession Valet
Residence Elendel
Homeworld Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Introduced In The Bands of Mourning

Drewton is Waxillium Ladrian's valet and a resident of Elendel on Scadrial.[1]


Drewton came into Wax's service sometime prior to the latter's first attempt at wedding Steris Harms. He gained a general picture of his prospective employer, but he didn't realize the frequency with which Wax found himself in dangerous situations prior to accepting the job.[2] He helped Wax prepare himself for his wedding ceremony, shaving him and assisting him with his clothing. He then followed them into the wedding proper and attended the ceremony until it was interrupted.[1] He also accompanied Wax, Steris, Marasi, Wayne, and MeLaan on their expedition to New Seran. On the way there, Drewton found himself in the middle of a shootout on the train. After questioning why Steris had had earplugs handy at the outset of the fight, he asked what had happened to Wax's last valet. He continued to interrogate Marasi about the matter while she cleared the train of hostiles and went so far as to swear at her after she narrowly missed a passenger in the course of killing the woman's captor.[2] Once the violence was over, Drewton was supplied with a cup of tea, and he sat on the platform surrounded by nurses and complaining loudly about having been in such a situation.[3] Presumably he continued with the group to New Seran, moved into the Copper Gate hotel with them, and was subsequently left behind with the rest of the servants during the group's hasty exodus from the city.[4][5]

After their return to Elendel, Drewton continued to serve as Wax's valet while he and Steris lived in the penthouse. He carefully laid out the possessions from Wax's pockets that were left over his New Seran trip, putting each on a cloth on the dressing table.[5]


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