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Profession Pirate
Species Heklo
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse

Guntua is a heklo pirate in the belt of the nowhere, and is a pilot in the Broadsiders.[1]


Guntua used to work at Surehold, and was part of the large group that defected alongside Peg. She joined up as a pilot in the Broadsider Faction, and piloted a powerful two-seat striker, which was equipped with formidable destructors and a twin booster. It was the best of Peg's ships. After a fea years in the Broadsiders, Guntua decided she wanted to take a step back from flying, and take a break to work on the ground crew. After Spensa Nightshade became the pirate champion, she was allowed to take Guntua's old fighter.[1]


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