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The Faithful are those who believe that good Epics exist, ones who will use their power for protection rather than domination. The term comes into use after Calamity and the Epics arrive and begin terrorizing humanity. The Faithful think that there will eventually be "superheroes" who will stop the evil Epics.

Blain Charleston (David's father)[1] and Abraham[2] are known to be among the Faithful.

David initially thinks people with such faith are foolish: his early life at Havendark Factory teaches him to be a realist, but to be one of the Faithful requires a certain idealism.[2] However, he eventually comes to believe that Prof is a hero despite being an Epic, though this belief does not transfer to a broader hope for Epics in general.[3]

In the alternate universe, the Faithful include Epics who use their powers for good against evil. These Epics include Blain Charleston, Firefight and Tavi.[citation needed]

The symbol of the Faithful is described as a "stylized S shape"[2][4]; Abraham always carries a pendant in that shape. When David travels to Babilar, Abraham also gives him a pendant as a gift[4], and David often thinks about it afterward. Although it could not explicitly be described as such in the books for legal reasons, the symbol is meant to be the real-world Superman logo.[5]


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