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Havendark Factory
City Newcago
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Reckoners

Havendark Factory, also known as the Factory, is a orphanage and workhouse operating in Newcago.[1] It would provide orphans with schooling, shelter, and food, in return for free labor.[2]

It is where David Charleston and Roy grew up, under the watch and tutelage of Martha.[3] Martha made sure that the orphans were fed, clothed, and protected, from outsiders and from each other.[4]

Everyday Life[edit]

The orphans at Havendark Factory would learn at school for half the day, and then work at the Factory for the other half. If a student did poorly at school, however, they were expelled, and sent to work full time at the Factory.[5] As Havendark Factory was a weapons manufacturing company, the orphans would make weapons (typically rifles and handguns) for Steelheart's Enforcement.[4][6]

Occasionally, the orphans would work with other factories as well, in addition to Havendark. Sometimes, they got to keep some spare parts from the QC reject pile.[6]

The senior boys would typically be made adjuncts, and protect the younger children from being bullied.[3]

The children are told stories at Havendark of depraved murderers and gangs that lived in the depths of the steel catacombs. However, these were slight exaggerations: while the people living down in the steel catacombs were indeed dangerous, they were not insane.[7]

Life After Havendark[edit]

When an orphan reaches their majority (turning eighteen years old), they graduate from Havendark Factory, and they are forced to find another job and another place to live.[8][4] However, they are not sent out with nothing. During the time the orphan works at Havendark, they collect wages. These wages are given to the orphan after they turn eighteen, in four yearly chunks.[4][6]

Havendark also watches for students who are good at school or at weapons. The ones who excel at school receive good jobs working under Steelheart.[5] The kids who are good with weapons are sent to work for Enforcement. While the orphans are not supposed to use the weapons they are making, Martha turns a blind eye if they are good at the weapon.[4]


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