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Profession Factory supervisor
Residence Newcago
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Martha is an employee of Havendark Factory in Newcago. She oversees children used for labor to build weapons for Enforcement at the Factory, including David Charleston and Roy.


David recalls Martha as being a benevolent person, despite the fact that she was charged with supervising child labor with some kids being as young as nine years old.[1][2] She ensured that the children had their basic needs met and did not allow violence between them;[1] she had a system of assigning older kids to be "adjuncts" who would help protect younger or weaker workers.[3] She saved the wages that they earned through their work and gave them to each child when they turned eighteen and were forced to leave Factory work.[1][4] She even offered counsel to the kids, and was among the people who warned David that his desire for vengeance on Steelheart was not healthy.[5]

David noted that Martha allowed the children to learn how to use the guns they were making, even though it was a violation of Factory policy. Several of the kids who worked for Martha used this knowledge to later join Enforcement, while David's knowledge of guns helped him as a member of the Reckoners.[1]


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