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Blain Charleston
Children David Charleston
Died Killed by Steelheart[1]
Religion The Faithful
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Sometimes, son, you have to help the heroes along.

— Blain[1]

Blain Charleston is David Charleston's father.[2] Steelheart kills him after Blain accidentally shoots and wounds him.[3] He is one of the Faithful.

In the alternate reality with Firefight, Blain has the powers of Steelheart but is a hero to the people, fighting against other evil Epics.

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Your father believed the best about people. You could call that foolish, but I'd never call it a fault.

Blain Charleston has tan skin and calloused hands from working in the sun. His hair is thinning, but Blain is not bothered by this fact and claims that he does not care about his hair as other people do. He has a soft voice, but will not hesitate to do what was right, even if it means putting his life on the line.[1] Blain will always see the best in everyone.[4]

Attributes and Abilities[edit]

Blain Charleston is very good with a gun, and shoots Deathpoint in the forehead from a distance.[1]

In the alternate reality with Firefight, Blain Charleston receives the same power portfolio as Steelheart, and Calamity confirms that they were the exact same powers.[5]

Blain is impervious to harm from all known sources, including bullets, edged weapons, electricity and fire.
Super Strength
Blain is inhumanly broad and tall, and is much stronger than any other mortal.
Wind Manipulation
Control of the wind grants Blain the ability to fly and pick up objects using the air around him.
Steel Transfersion
Blain can transform non-living matter around him to solid steel, spreading out from him in a sphere. Steel and iron have the ability to "insulate" against the transfersion, but other metals are transformed to steel.
Energy Beams
Blain can project energy beams from his hands that can vaporize most materials.
Eidetic Memory
Steelheart claims to remember everything perfectly, but this is not broadly established and may be boasting. If this is in fact aspect of the power portfolio, then Blain has an eidetic memory as well.


Death of Wife[edit]

As a young man, Blain was a member of the National Guard. Some time after Calamity had come, his wife and home were destroyed by an unnamed Epic. He survived with his son, David. Still, Blain was very adamant that "good" Epics would come to save them.[1]

They had a funeral for Blain's wife some time after this. David later remarked that this was the only time he heard his father raise his voice.[1]

First Union Bank[edit]

Two years after Calamity had come, Blain attempted to withdraw a large sum of money from First Union Bank. He brought with him all he had as collateral, but the mortgage man claimed that it was not enough. Blain protested that the previous person he had talked with had said it would be enough, but this mortgage would not agree. During this time, Deathpoint entered the bank, and began killing people. Blain attempted to sneak towards one of the fallen guard's guns, in an attempt to kill Deathpoint. Deathpoint saw Blain before he could shoot the gun, but Blain was saved by Steelheart. However, when Steelheart claimed that he was the emperor of the Chicago, and that anyone who did not serve him would die, Blain spoke up and said that Steelheart was better than the other Epics were, and that he was there to save them.[1]

Goverment soldiers burst in and attempted to shoot Steelheart, but the bullets did no damage. Deathpoint hid behind Steelheart, and raised his hand to grab Steelheart's neck. Blain shot Deathpoint in the forehead, but accidentally grazed Steelheart's check. His bullet pierced through Steelheart's skin because Blain did not fear Steelheart. In rage, Steelheart crushed Blain against the stone pillar behind him and shot him with his own gun. David rushed to Blain, and Blain's last word was to tell David to go.[1]

Because Blain was already dead when Steelheart turned the city into steel during the Great Transfersion, Blain's body was turned into steel. When the Reckoners found the buried First Union Bank, David discovered Blain's steel corpse.[4]

Alternate Reality[edit]

In Firefight's alternate reality, Blain Charleston had actually become Steelheart. He had the same power portfolio, but he fought evil instead of ruling Newcago. He wore the same outfit that Steelheart had worn in the "real" world, but included the Faithful's symbol on the front.[2] Sometime after Invocation arrived, David was killed; Blain blamed himself,[6] although Deathpoint was actually the one who killed David during the alternate reality's First Union Bank scene.[7]

When David brought Calamity into this alternate reality, Calamity saw the love and kindness in Blain. This caused Calamity to question his assumptions about humanity, and he stopped influencing the Epics in the "real" world to do evil.[5]

After Calamity was gone, Blain was able to restart a relationship with David, thanks to Megan's powers.[8]


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