Blain Charleston

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Blain Charleston
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

Blain Charleston is David Charleston's father.[1] He was murdered by Steelheart after Blain accidentally shot him and wounded him.[2] He was one of the Faithful.

In an alternate world, Blain has the powers of Steelheart but is a hero to the people, fighting against other evil Epics. When Calamity sees the kindness and love in that world's version of Steelheart, he grows very confused. It challenges his assumptions about the human race.

Blain is somehow responsible for his son's (David's) death in the alternate world, but the circumstances are never explained.

Thanks to Megan's abilities, David can go to his father and renew a relationship lost when Steelheart murdered the "real world" Blain.


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