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Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

Alendel is a city in the Elendel Basin.[1] It is northeast of Elendel, and named after Alendi.

According to the Mistborn Adventure Game supplement Alloy of Law,

"Alendel prides itself as a crossroads, where rural farmers bring their crops, urban sophisticates create new art, and travelers from the Roughs comingle in the streets. much of Alendel's economy is urban and industrial, based primarily in metal refining, but a large suburb called Fieldhaven is considered slightly more wealthy and provincial. The downside of this mixture is that it also attracts a fair number of criminals. Much of their larceny is white-collar crime by crews who have found new ways to turn graft into money by taking cuts of legitimate businesses and buying political power. The city's constables have taken on these rackets with increasing ferocity, adding to Alendel's reputation as a wild and unruly town.


  1. Map of Elendel Basin
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