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Profession Engineer
Groups DDF, Engineering Corps
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Ziming is a member of the Engineering Corps on Detritus and is Rig's boss, working in a supervisory role.[1] She works in Igneous Cavern[1] until the DDF reclaims Platform Prime and she is transferred there.[2] She has long pale hair.[2]


Ziming oversaw Rig's internship within the Engineering Corps. During his internship, she supplied him with wiring and machinery with which to practice wire replacement, unaware that he planned to use the parts to repair M-Bot. She was highly impressed by the cockpit schematics drawn by Rig, (based off of M-Bot), assuming them to be his own. Rig capitalized on this opportunity and used it as a way to feed useful information about M-Bot's design back to the Defiant Defense Force, without exposing M-Bot.[1]

We'll keep at it. At least we’re into the shield system now. There are still too many questions to run a test yet, but we're getting closer. Keep up the good work.

—Ziming to Rig[2]

On Platform Prime, Ziming oversaw Rig's work to get the platforms around Detritus in working condition. She appointed Thadwick to pick up this work when Rig became busy working with the taynix.[2]

Ziming controlled the FTL communicator in the command center of Platform Prime for Admiral Cobb during his first contact with Minister Cuna.[3]

After the Superiority blew up a ship full of National Assembly members, Ziming was back in the command center on Platform Prime, arguing with Ulan near the hypercomm when Jorgen informed her and others in the room about what happened.[4]


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