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Groups DDF
Ethnicity Yeongian[1]
World Detritus
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward (series)

Commander Ulan is an officer in the DDF on Detritus who works in engineering. She is a tall woman of Yeongian heritage[1], and is therefore a descendant of the Chinese and Korean crew that made up the Yeong-Gwang.[2]


After the engineering crew recovered footage from the delver attack on Detritus, Ulan insisted that they wait for Admiral Cobb before viewing it. When he arrived, she had trouble figuring out how to deal with his strong personality.[1]

This is Commander Ulan. What the scud is going on up there?

—Ulan to Jorgen after Detritus hyperjumped[3]

After the Superiority blew up a ship full of National Assembly members, Ulan was back in the command center on Platform Prime, arguing with Ziming near the hypercomm. Jorgen informed her and others in the room about what happened, parts of which were news to Ulan.[4] When Jorgen and Rig used the taynix to hyperjump Detritus to the planet Evershore, Ulan radioed them and asked what was going on, to which Jorgen replied that it was a defense protocol to defend Evershore. Ulan was shocked, but didn’t get the change to say more before Rig turned down the radio and ignored him.[3]


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