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Species Figment
Homeworld Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Introduced In Starsight

We will stop this from going further, Cuna. We’ll resist Winzik. Clean up his mess.

—Zezin to Cuna[1]

Zezin is a figment who serves Minister Cuna in the Superiority.[1]

Zezin uses a variety of scents to portray their emotions, including wet soil to indicate anger and rotting fruit for sorrow and anguish.[1]

Zezin did not initially believe Cuna when they suggested that Winzik would attempt to summon a delver, and were shocked and angry when Starsight was attacked by one of the beings. Despite the situation at hand, Zezin did not believe that Winzik intended for the delver to assault the space station, or that he was using it to destroy the Superiority government for his own gain. Cuna urged Zezin to escape Starsight without them as they would be unable to keep up with the figment. Before departing, Zezin promised Cuna that they would continue to resist Winzik and try to rectify the situation.[1]

Some time after escaping the Superiority, Cuna mentioned having allies among the figments that they had been unable to contact,[2] possibly referring to Zezin.


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