Weaponized Cupcake

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Weaponized Cupcake
Type Musical Band
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In The Reckoners

I was the only one in that band who knew their way around an instrument. I wrote song after song, and what did we play? Those stupid, stupid riffs! The same chords, every damn song!


Weaponized Cupcake is Mitosis’ old rock band from before Calamity. Their albums include Appetite for Tuberculosis, The Blacker Album, and Ride the Lightrail. Jason, a member of the band, always plays the same chords for every song, which infuriates Mitosis. Weaponized Cupcake’s music is Mitosis’ weakness, and hearing it causes his clones to melt. If enough of his clones hear the music, they all die.


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