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Hi I'm Aaron. I'm on the Discord and Shard forums as King of Herdaz. I'm a big fan of Brandon's books, mainly the cosmere, but other non-cosmere, especially Skyward too. I started editing wikis here when I noticed some small mistakes and made an account. I mainly edit between semesters when I'm off and have the time.


White Sand[edit]

  • Overall content pages: I'm trying to get the status of these articles up to the level of the rest of the cosmere, starting with the stubs and moving up.
  • The White Sand Volume 2 summary page is written terribly and needs to be rewritten.
  • Completing all of the character pages

Cosmere stubs[edit]

I want to finish off the remaining cosmere stubs (as of 2/26/2020):


I've started updating Dalinar Kholin's history.

My Subpages[edit]


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