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I am an editor on the site. I go by Debarra (he/him). I quite dislike redlinks hence this pages exitance. After being missing for virtually all of 2021 I have returned!

I hope you have a nice day. :)

At some stage helped update and/or overhaul the history section of the following pages;

Also at some stage or another helped overhaul the following pages;

Current plans of work to do;

  • Once history sections are added go back and rework them to flow better.
  • At some stage update the Thaidakar and Ghostblood page to contain info from Oathbringer and RoW. (While avoiding spoilers of course.)
  • Afterwards I don't know. Maybe other sections of each world?

What I am currently working on can be found at User:Debarra/draft


Do not panic if you see me removing large amount of content on the editing corner, I do minor edits on my draft page before updating the actual pages and then delete the draft. This artificially inflates how much content it seems I've deleted.