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I am an editor on the site. I go by Debarra (he/him). I quite dislike redlinks hence this pages exitance. After being missing for virtually all of 2021 I have returned!

I hope you have a nice day. :)

At some stage helped update and/or overhaul the history section of the following pages;

Also at some stage or another helped update/overhaul/create the following pages;

Current plans of work to do;

  • Go back and rework history sections of planet pages to flow better.
  • At some stage update the Thaidakar and Ghostblood page to contain info from Oathbringer, RoW and TLM. (While avoiding spoilers of course.)
  • Update Handerwym page to be in line with other character pages. Overhaul history section.
  • Improve Nightblood with particular focus given to the effects section.[1]
  • Create a page for the role of Wit.
  • Create a page for the invested arts. Change mentions of magic to the invested arts.


Do not panic if you see me removing large amount of content on the editing corner, I do minor edits on my draft page before updating the actual pages and then delete the draft. This artificially inflates how much content it seems I've deleted.

My 1000th edit was gotten whilst editing Hoid on my draft page.

Behold the first recorded WoB on the arcanum site.[2]

Behold the first chronological WoB.[3]