Lawrence Robert

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Lawrence Robert
Abilities Epic
Aliases Mitosis
World Earth (Reckoners)
Featured In Mitosis

Lawrence Robert, also known as Mitosis, is a High Epic who visits Newcago following Steelheart's death.

Abilities and Attributes[edit]

Epic Abilities[edit]

He has the ability to duplicated himself into two identical copies of himself, who can each then divide into more duplicates without limit. As the number of duplicates increases, however, the molecular stability of each individual decreases.[1] The duplicates also have the ability to combine themselves, as a result also merging the memories of the different duplicates. This is believed to be an ability unique to Mitosis. It is also a prime invincibility, if even a single duplicate remains he can go on to live another day, giving him the rank of High Epic.[2]

Epic Weakness[edit]

If any duplicate came within earshot of a Weaponized Cupcake song they would lose molecular cohesion, their flesh literally melting from their bones.[1] If enough duplicates hear it, they all disintegrate.[3]


Before Calamity[edit]

Before the arrival of Calamity, Lawrence was a member of the band Weaponized Cupcake.[1]


Mitosis journeyed to Newcago to learn the truth surrounding Steelheart's death. He did not believe that David Charleston, an average non-Epic, was capable of killing a High Epic of Steelheart's power. He also wished to rule Newcago, stating that he was more powerful than Steelheart because Steelheart needed men to help administrate while he himself was an army of one.[1]


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