Seran River

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Seran River
Type River
Region Elendel Basin
World Scadrial
Universe Cosmere
Featured In Mistborn Era 2

The Seran River is a river on Scadrial in the Elendel Basin and the Roughs.[1]


The river cuts through the Seran Range in a straight line, having carved various gorges and canyons into the mountains.[1] It flows from an unknown origin in the Roughs northwest to Elendel and the Sea of Yomend.[2] The water is ice cold.[3]

Commerce and Transportation[edit]

The river is used to transport goods to and from Elendel.[4] A major railway that connects Elendel to various cities (including Vindiel-Cameux, Doriel, and New Seran) lies along the river's path.[2] The railway crisscrosses the river with large latticework bridges.[1] Waxillium Ladrian remarks on the width of the river and the heavy population on its shores.[4]



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