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Type Ship
World of Origin Scadrial
Universe Cosmere

The Ironsights is a coastal exploration ship from Scadrial.[1]

An unusual story about the ship was reported on by The Elendel Daily in 341 PC. Around the year 339 PC, the Ironsights was blown out to sea by a storm. It was presumed lost at sea and the families of the sailors believed that they were dead.[1]

According to the broadsheet, after the ship's crew realized that they had lost their bearings, they sailed east hoping to find any type of land mass. Eventually, they found an island full of strange animals. On the island was a castaway who told stories of how his ship had been taken by a "strange seafaring people" who had unknown metals. The Ironsights finally managed to return to the Elendel Basin two years after it departed, in 341 PC, with the castaway on board.[1] The veracity of the account is uncertain, but the reference to unknown metals implies that the people who took the castaway's ship may have been the Southern Scadrians.


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