Gnash the Slaughterer

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Gnash the Slaughterer
World Unknown
Universe Cytoverse
Featured In Skyward
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Gnash was an excellent slaughterer, at least when it came to fruit.


Gnash the Slaughterer is a garqua that lives in an oceanic fragment in the nowhere. It is blue, thick as a man’s thigh, and has little flippered legs along its long body. Like all garqua, Gnash is a vegetarian, and particularly enjoys fruit. Spensa and Chet came across Gnash when sailing across the fragment on their way to the Broadsider base. It came up to their raft when Chet tossed a piece of fruit into the water with a rope around it. Gnash ate the fruit, and Spensa tightened the rope into a leash. Chet had Gnash tow them across the water by tossing pieces of fruit far ahead for Gnash to chase after. Though Chet didn’t always throw a piece, Gnash kept going, expecting Chet to throw another one. When Spensa and Chet reached the end of the fragment, they set Gnash free and gave her some more fruit.[1]


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